10 March 2008

the homosexual agenda

i keep reading about the homosexual or gay agenda and how it is supposed to destroy life on earth as we know it. the last sighting of this agenda was, apparently, by state rep. sally kern of oklahoma and obviously it scared her shitless. so shitless, in fact, that she had to make a speech and following, a video on youtube. go, sally!

now, im gay, but unfortunately, i have never been sent this agenda. i am a member of hrc and everything. all i got was an equality sticker. no agenda, no memo, no nothing.

can someone please let me know where i sign up to recieve this agenda. the kids run my life and i could use the change and excitement that comes from destroying a society or two.

1 comment:

SassyFemme said...

Make me a copy after you get it. We must have missed it when we were busy raising our daughter and taking care of my parents.