05 April 2008

being thankful

i have always had the utmost respect for single parents. its hard being the only one. when we knew we were facing months, maybe years apart as a family, this was what i focused on, and feared the most. as it turns out, its hard to be alone with the kids, but its even harder to be alone and apart from ur partner.

i think we were cocky and over confident going into this situation. i know i was. "we can do this. it will be alright". and we might, and it probably will be. but its *hard*. its a feeling of isolation. being outta the loop, not just with famliy and friends, but with each other.

it is in this kinda situation that it means *so* much to have friends that care. i wanna let u all know how *e* appreciated the cards she got for her birthday. being so far away, and missing mommy terribly, she absolutely loved watching the cards and listening to the songs. altho she didnt know all of the names, she said "thank u" and then the names as i read them to her.

i wanna thank my trusty reader (hi, sassy :o), and everyone else. it really means alot.


SassyFemme said...

I'm really glad she liked them!

My heart just goes out to you guys. {{{ }}}

eb said...

Yes, your situation totally sucks, but glad to help wish e a happy 4th. Hang in there!

yankeegirl said...

Yes single parenting- it does suck- doubly so when it is inflicted on you by the gov't.