22 June 2008


is it just me, or has the world gone ape-shit-crazy?

just this past week i came across the following two headlines.

Teen ‘pregnancy pact’ has 17 girls expecting - 17 girls in one high school made a deal that they would all get pregnant and raise their kids together. none of them are over 16. one of the fathers (to how many babies, the story does not say) is a 24 year old homeless guy. the school nurse had suggested giving out free contraceptives, but were almost fired for her efforts. instead she has given out a truckload of pregnancy tests.

now, i want u to look at this headline, and tell me the world hasnt completely lost its mind:

abstinence only program moving toward renewal

nuff said.


eb said...

But really...don't you think the world has always been ape-shit-crazy? We're just living in the 21st century version of ape-shit-crazy.

But in this particular case, it's the specter of our Puritan past that still haunts the US. Over in Europe, sex is considered a part of life. In the US, it's a sin even though sex is talked about CONSTANTLY. And, it's used to sell everything from candy bars to motor oil.

One day, when the US grows up, we'll look at sex as a normal progression of life. Until then...

we're fucked.

SassyFemme said...

I saw that and couldn't believe it. I'm SO p.o'd about abstinance only programs. I worked with eighth graders on an AIDS education project. One of them wanted to use a picture of a condom in his project. I had to tell him that he couldn't, even though I wished I could tell him that he should. Even letting him use that picture violates teaching abstinence only.

The other issue surrounding the girls' pregnancy pact that is that we're not giving them goals to reach for, career and life wise. How did these girls slip so far under the radar that no one knew or saw that they felt this was their best option? Were they not even trying to set life and career goals?

eb, our country will have to lose it's evangelical and catholic backings before we can even BEGIN to think about sex in a different way. The chances of that ever happening, IMO, are slim to none. At least not in our lifetime.

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weese said...

hey..happy birthday.

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