12 September 2008

the skills we forget

we are trying to teach tiger to walk. but he has other plans. its not that he cant walk...he just prefers not to. crawling is so much faster at this point.

but there are so many other skills he has. u know, skills that we all had at one point or another but that somehow got lost along the way to adulthood.

as a special friday treat, tiger is gonna give us a crash course in "the multiple uses of common household items".

today: the plate

u can use it as a hammer

u can use it as a drum

u can use it as a face shield

or of course, it can be used as a nice, fashionable hat

thank u for ur attention and be sure to tune back later for more helpful tips.


weese said...

like i am not already in love with this boy.

SassyFemme said...

That last picture is THE most adorable yet!

Hey, how's *e* doing in preschool? Things getting better for her?