14 October 2008

from the mouths of babes

In response to my previous post, *e* and tiger would like to make a small anouncement.

"we are afraid.

of monsters.



"we are afraid of narrowminded and uneducated people who does not understand the importance of marriage equality. our moms deserve the opportunity to be married parents just like all the other parents in the world. more is at stake then just state rights. for mommy and mamma to have a snowballs chance in a really warm place to stay together, they need to be able to get married. that is the only way they can challenge the federal marriage ammendment, and consequently get mamma a green card to stay in the usa. if the narrowminded and scared ppl win in california, they will get wind in their sails and their heads will swell up like pumpkins. they will not stop until they have defeated all our gains and hard work over the past few years. therefore... for every blogger who donates to hrc's fund and posts a comment about it on this blog, tiger and i, (*e*, princess, 4 years old), will break into our piggy banks and donate an additional $5. thank u for listening. now i gotta run cause pinky, dinky, doo is about to start."

over and out.


Tina-cious.com said...

Wishing you all the best from Connecticut where we'll have only had marriage for 3 weeks before a constitutional convention hits our polls.

We're only one step away from a Prop 8.

:::sending good luck and whatever cash we can to Cali::::

Jess said...

lol.. now I get it.

It was great seeing you the other night!

So great that I decided to tag you :) Check out my blog for details :)