25 August 2009

long, warm summer nights with a hint of lyme

the summer is coming to an end. its hard to believe its almost over, even though i will be happy to see the heat replaced with more "nordic" temperatures. in one week my little bug starts kindergarten. i cant believe she is that old already. i am more nervous about it than she is.

this is the first summer i have not been "home". my mother has visited here, and in a few weeks my sister and her significant other will come for a couple weeks. but its not quite the same. i did get to go earlier this spring, although the excitement of going home was overshadowed by the passing of my grandmother. i was very lucky and got to spend some time with her before she left.

this is also the summer i got married. for reals married. bye-bye civil union. the little bug can go off to kindergarten with her parents properly married.

this is the summer we are potty training tiger. he knows what to do, but doesnt really want to be bothered. i decided to just go cold turkey and put him in underwear, let him wave bye-bye to the diapers. today is the first day, its just past noon and he is in his fourth pair of undies.

*give me strength*

and last but not least, this is the summer i got bit by a little speck. a little speck i happened to see, sitting on my back. i dont like bugs, or specks, or whatever the heck it is, on me. so i quickly brushed it off. it fell on the floor and disapeared, just as i thought to myself;

"wonder if that was a #$##$% tick!"

and, yeah, it was.

fast forward two weeks and i had forgotten about that speck. the heat was kicking my ass (vikings dont like heat!) and i was feeling exhausted and somewhat headache-y. happened to catch a glimps of a red, nasty welt on my back the size of a grapefruit.


g*d damn*d it!!

trip to the doc. she didnt need more than 10 seconds to diagnose me with lyme disease. guess it wasnt the heat that was knocking me around.

so here i am, hot, tired, achey and full of antibiotics.

oh....and one more thing.

now that the temperatures are supposed to be coming down and its actually gonna be possible to spend a few nice days out in the sun without melting;

taking these lyme meds, i should stay out of the sun!

mother frakker!


eb said...

Hey, get better soon and good luck with the potty training. I did the no diaper thing to with Thomas. My last nerve was about to be plucked when he finally figured out whole potty thing.

weese said...

egad woman.
seems everyone is getting the lyme.

for peeing.. its fun to put a target in the potty. you know something to aim for.

PixieFlute said...

Kindergarten? Wow!

You're the third person I know of in CT that ended up with Lyme's this summer. Hope you're feeling better by now.