08 September 2009

movie fun

as a parent of young kids, u end up listening to more childrens music and seeing more kids movies than u ever thought was possible. little ones want to hear the same song over and over and over...

and watch the same movie over and over and over.

luckily, the makers of many childrens cartoons now realise that parents end up watching their movies almost as much as the kids, and they stick little fun, more or less adult references in their productions. u know, just little ditties that the kiddies wont get, but is bound to amuse the parents. most of these fun references are hidden away in the background animations or in dialog that can be hard to pick up on the first (or second or third) time u see the movie.

but as i watch these movies i start to notice more and more of these gags.

and of course i would like to share. if u have these movies at home, u might know these, if not, u can always get it on netflix if u want to see (and hear for urself).

these always crack me up.

todays movie gags are from pixars, "finding nemo"

some names of boats in the sydney harbor "major plot point", "bow movement", "knottie buoy", "pier pressure" and "iBoat".

the fishtank mountain in the dentist's office is called "mount wannahockalougie".

one fish in the fishtank introduces herself as aunt deb, she believes her reflection in the tank glass is her sister, flo. (aunt flo, anyone?)

the sharks are having a 12 step meeting where they recite "i am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. if I am to change this image, i must first change myself. fish are friends, not food."

12 step meeting leader: "todays meeting is step 5: bring a fish friend."

little fish in nemos school: "im h2o intolerant"

bruce the shark, with a wild look in his eyes, peeking in thru hole in door he just made to get to the fish: "heeeereees bruuuucie!"

fish hatching escape plan by busting the filter so the dentist will have to take them out of the tank to clean it: "ok everybody, we have 24 hours before darla gets here. the tank can get plenty dirty in that time. be as gross as possible. think dirty thoughts!"

marlin: "the water is half empty already"
dory: "really? it looks half full to me"

dory, after marlin ensures her he can find the way to sydney by himself: "what is it about men and asking for directions?"

and thats what i found so far after watching the movie, oh... say... about seventy two times.

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weese said...

i knew there was a reason i love this movie.