25 March 2008

meet uncle bob

its not easy being a (mainly) english speaking pre-schooler in norway. like many other youngens, *e* has trouble with her "r"s and her "l"s, both of them sounding like a choked up "w".

*e*'s aunt h, has a boyfriend with the name of kjell-arne. i will give u three tries to try and pronounce this to the best of ur ability. then i will turn around and laff my ass off. add to ur troubles the inability to pronounce the letter "l" and u have a complete mess on ur hands. *e* has such problems with his name that she gave up and started calling him "aunt h's friend".

last nite i asked her if his name was too difficult and she nodded. aunt h asked if maybe we should try to call him something else, thinking we could shorten his name or "americanize" it to something like kai or just simply k. before aunt h is able to say anything more, *e* jumps at the idea, and promptly exclaims:

"lets call him bob".

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