04 April 2008

stolen online

1) the phone rings. who are you hoping it is? kittylitter love!

2) when shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart? here in norway u have to leave a deposit (coin) in the cart to use it. u get ur money back when u return the cart. way to make u haul it back to the store.

3) in a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener? it depends

4) if abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive? id like to think id survive. old scout and all that.

5) do you like to ride horses? horses are big and scary

6) did you ever go to camp as a kid? yes. we always camped when we went on vacation somewhere.

7) what was your favorite board game as a kid?monopoly and risk

8) if a sexy person was pursuing you but you knew he/she was taken, what would you do? id tell them to go divorce their alcoholic husband first and then.....wait....i think ive already done that. oops.

10) would you date someone with different religious beliefs? yup, i think....unless they were fanatic one way or the other.

11) are you continuing your education? i really dont want to start my doctorates....im learned out.

12) do you know how to shoot a gun? yes

13) if the house was on fire, what's the first thing you'd grab? fire extinguisher?

14) how often do you read books? i used to read all the time when i was a kid. as i grew and reading for school became more and more work, i got fed up and stopped reading for pleasure.

15) do you think more about the past, present or future? its all abot the future

16) what is your favorite children's book? i cant pick just one. i think i read all the books at the library as a kid.

17) how tall are you?5' 5".

18) where is your ideal house located? i love the lillehammer area, now that im banished from the good ole us of a.

19) last person you talked to? my sister who is sitting on the floor playing play-dooh with *e*

20) when was the last time you were at olive garden? few months ago with kl...it sucked

21) what are the keys on your key chain for? new key chain after the move, has only house key and key to shed.

22) what did you do last night? fed the kids, bathed the kids, put the kids to bed, read blogs, ate some chips, fed baby - again - .....

23) where is your current pain at the moment? in my ass. he is bouncing on aunt *h*'s knee right now.

24) do you like mustard? no

25) do you like your mom or dad? mostly

26) how long does it take you in the shower? as long as i feel safe leaving the kids alone. im lucky if i get hair and body washed in the same session.

27) what movie do you want to see right now? in the valley of elah

28) do you put lotion on your dog or cats? only if they misbehave...wtf?

29) what did you do for new years? had dinner with family then set of fireworks.

30) do you think the grudge was scary? never saw it

31) do you own a camera phone? yes, i luuuv my iphone

32) what is the last letter of your middle name? e

33) who did you vote for on american idol? carrie underwood. havent watched since then


Anonymous said...

i never knew you liked to play risk!! me thinks we need to get us the game!

alter rigo said...

wonder if they have an online one.

SassyFemme said...

LOL @ #8

#22... you wild and crazy woman!