29 April 2008


a few weeks ago, while i was still in norway, the norwegian press reported on the death of a young girl. she was a bright, fun, responsible and respectable young woman, but as many ppl in their early 20s, she was also seeking. coming into her own. trying to find her place in the world. insecure about so many things. oh, how i remember.

unfortunately, this young woman was approached by a nice person. someone who represents an organization who preys on young, insecure, seeking ppl. a cult. they had a stand not far from her dorm. coincidence? i think not. this nice person offered a free personality test. free. no charge. not much is free anymore.

curiously, she accepted.

24 hrs later she was found dead in her dorm room.

took her own life.

next to her they found a personality test. and the results, given to her by the cult. devastating results. the test had "revealed" her personality to be deeply flawed.

of course there are ways to "fix" ur personality, according to this cult. through coursework. it will cost u money though. lots and lots of it. how do they know all this? the aliens told them. no...really...im not shittin ya. aliens.

too bad for kaja, she never made it long enuff to meet the aliens.

so ... a cult in waco gets burned to the ground. a cult in texas gets raided and all children gets taken away and put into foster care. the cult of scientology gets to operate freely around the world. gets spoken off in positive terms by popular role models and celebrities. the cult preys on our young and insecure. if it doesnt kill them right off the bat, it brain washes them and drains their bank accounts.

how wrong it is.

if u wanna know more:

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SassyFemme said...

Cult gone mainstream... sick.

That poor girl, and her poor family now.