11 April 2008

teflon brain?


*e*: where do babies come from?
tg: (gulp) ummm.... well... (caught off guard) a mommy and a daddy comes together and they make a baby. (shit...not good...how do i incorperate all kinds of families? it didnt happen that way with tiger. how about two daddies...two mommies....one mommy....gasp....panic attack...im messing this up!)
*e*: can i have a cracker?
tg: (phew) yes, of course. (hope she is too young to understand the concept and that the mommy and daddy thing doesnt stick in her head as the only truth).

this morning...

(lets test what stuck from last nites conversation)

tg: *e*? where do babies come from?
*e*: babytown.

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