15 May 2008

apple jokesters

ok, so if u read my wife kittylitter's blog, u might know that my iphone took an unexpected coffee bath on the way to the airport last week. it has left me dazed, confused, sad and lost. actually, the phone seemed to work ok after about 13 hrs of air conditioning treatment. it started up and i actually made a call with it. then, being the rocket scientist that i am, i figured id charge it.

what do i do? i plug it in and leave it on the counter next to the sink. next morning i wake up to a completely soaked phone, dripping from water. its completely dead now. as a doornail. i hate being such a space cadet.

so what is one to do when ruining a 400 dollar phone less than 5 months after getting it? try to blame it on someone else, of course. personal responsibility? fuck that.

a call to apple.

me: my phone doesnt turn on.

apple picker: really? must be the battery. we will send u a box to use to ship it to us. we will take a look at it.

me: (thinking to myself) great, whats the chance they wont smell the coffee or notice it has been under water for 12 hrs?

apple picker: we will send u special, certified tool to use to remove the sim card.

me: (thinking to myself - again) great, there is a tool. and all this time i have used a paperclip. i have probably fucked it up and they will void the warranty for opening the phone with anything other than this official tool. not to mention all the liquids i subjected it to.

two days later, there is the box. i look around for the official tool.

this is what they sent me.

no, ur eyes are not deceiving u. its a paperclip. but its an official paperclip i want u to know.

now whats the chance they will cover the repairs on the warranty?


SassyFemme said...

An official paperclip? Hahaha! I'm betting (hoping) they DO cover it.

On the subject of iPhones, have you noticed that Safari quits out when you view a page with a lot of pics on it? I've had that happen the last couple of days, did a reboot but that didn't make a difference.

alter rigo said...

yeah, safari has been acting up for a while. i havent noticed if it is because of pics. i have doubts about the repair and think im looking at buying a new phone when the iphone 2.0 comes out in june. hopefully they will have fixed some glitches by then.