16 May 2008

please help

the thought of our involentary seperation is starting to get to me. the closer it gets to when we have to say goodbye, the more stressed and upset i get. i feel like a 3rd grader. all i want to do is pout and cry "its not fair".

im sure it will all work out and we will be fine, but damned it. im not fine right now. we tried to call lambda so see if we could sue someone (the american way, right). maybe we could take the uscis to court for disccrimination or something. come to find out, no one wants to touch this with a ten foot pole. where ever we turn the answer is the same; "there is nothing we can do to help." *e* is feeling the stress also and is becoming increasingly clingy and acts out with anger and oposition. i hope someday i get to tell *someone* what this is doing to our family.

if u have the time: hrc has premade letter u can send to the politician of ur choice. it will be too late for us, but maybe, in the future, some other family will be able to stay together because we took action.

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SassyFemme said...

Consider it sent from us. This is just so fucked up, and so wrong.

Have you tried contacting NCLR?