28 May 2008

the gist of it

have u heard of the pout-pout fish?

with the pout-pout face?

who spreads the dreary-wearies all over the place?

its a wonderful childrens book, which very recently made its way to our house via borders bookstore.

*e* loves the book and we have to read it over and over and over and over again. its written on ryhme and the pictures are very cute and funny. *e* loves to "read" with us and helps finish the sentences. she also loves to read the book to her stuffed animals. of course she does not read yet and yesterday i overheard her when she was sitting down with her stuffed friends; "im a pout-pout fish, with a pout-pout face, i spwead the dweawy-weawies evewywhewe". so much for the catchy ryhme.

we also have "pretty and the beast", and "winnie and pooh".

she gets the big picture, who cares about the details, right?

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Debbie Diesen said...

I ran across this blog entry a while back (when I was doing a Google search on The Pout-Pout Fish), and after I read it, I meant to leave a comment saying how pleased I was to read that The Pout-Pout Fish is a favorite in your household. Now it's more than a year later, and the book has probably fallen out of favor (kids' favorite books change so rapidly!); but in case not, if you'd like a signed bookmark or two to go with the book, just drop me a note via my web site, and I'll send some along.

Best Fishes!
Debbie Diesen