27 August 2008

jekyll, is that u?

have u ever known someone whom everyone around u seems to love?

and yet u feel this person is a total douche hat?

fucked up, isnt it?

and for u...the person who pretends to be someone ur not:

i see u for who u really are. u might have everyone else duped, but u dont fool me for a second. and u dont scare me either. u might think u are smart, but trust me...well educated doesnt necessarily mean wise, smart or even intelligent. a diploma or a fancy title doesnt buy u a common sense, good judgement or even manners.

to quote ... someone...; "id love to see the world from ur perspective, but i cant get my head up my ass that far"

listen to this:

stay away from me and mine.

the next time u feel like writing something or sending a moronic email

do urself a favor



SassyFemme said...

Hmmmm ...better check my sent mail. :)

Jess said...

People suck.

eb said...

Yes, perhaps we all know someone like that and it blows balls. But people are easily fooled by douche hats because they mistake the hat for a brain.