28 August 2008

opinions pls

i want u to conduct a thought experiment with me.

imagine that u go to bed (to go to sleep!), and at the same time u set ur alarm to go off 45 minutes later. then imagine u can set the snooze to give u a random amount of time before sounding the alarm again, anywhere from 10 minutes to 1.5 hrs. place the alarm clock in the next room, but loud enuff that u cant possibly ignore it. get up whenever the alarm goes off to hit snooze for the next 4 hrs. next get a hot water bottle and put it in bed with u. roll it around ur bed with ur eyes closed, making sure it never falls off the bed or bangs into the wall. continue this until u need to get up to go to work.

repeat for the next year.

now, how do u feel about drugging babies? no....for reals...given the above situation (baby, instead of alarm clock and hot water bottle), would it justify trying the baby on sleeping pills (under strict supervision of a doctor, of course!)?

im torn.

my exhausted body screams "yes".

some part of me that i cant properly identify because my brain is so sluggish from long term sleep deprivation, says "no".


Tina-cious.com said...

I'm assuming you've tried Benadryl.

Pills (monitored pills) I think is ok -- you're useless if you're seeing little men in yellow coats.

Good luck!

SassyFemme said...

My knee-jerk reaction is not to do that to a little baby. However, he needs sleep to be at his best to learn his way through the world around him, *e* needs solid sleep to be at her best, and it goes without saying that you need sleep. I don't know how you're functioning on that kind of sleep as it is. So, I guess I'd think about it, after getting a second/third opinion.

They can't find anything causing this?

otter said...

Is it too late to trade it for a kitten?

eb said...

Have you tried putting some baby cereal in a bottle with some milk and giving it to him right before he goes to bed? Worked like a charm when Thomas was 6mos to a year old. He slept like a brick for 12 hours straight.

But, if you're at the end of your rope and nothing has worked, I would certainly consider drugs.

Babs said...

*delurking to hopefully help*
I would double check whether the baby's is hungry. Mine was on swishy cereal at 2 mos (huge kid at 9lb at birth. Barring that, I would also try infant simythicone drops. Positively magic in there. Our son was colicky but not in the classic way with the ab crunching, but that kid didn't sleep for the first two months unless I held him. We went to Dr. for checkup and I told him to fix it and that's what we tried. HEAVEN. The first time we slept for more than 4 hours and then woke up, we panicked and then found that the baby was still snoozing. AHHHHH. Good luck.

weese said...

yup, yup... cereal. boys need cereal before bed. or a bacon,egg and cheese might do.

alter rigo said...

thanks for all the good advice. we have pretty much tried everything. i guess ill just have to accept the fact that i wont sleep until he is 30.

we are holding off on drugs for a little while to see if it might get better.

hope springs eternal and all that crap.

SassyFemme said...

I was just coming back to ask what you guys decided to do, and there was your answer, already there.

If you can't sleep I hope there's at least good nighttime TV over there. :)