13 August 2008


*e* and i have been watching some olympics these last few days. the opening ceremony was stunning, but it lost some of the magic for me when it became known that some of the fireworks we saw on TV were computer animated, and that the little girl who sang when they brought in the chinese flag was just miming cause the real singer was too fat and her teeth were too crooked to be on TV (she is 8).

anyway, the sports are always entertaining and of course womens football and handball is dear to my heart (maybe cause those are the sports norway is most likely to win), but we watch alot of the other events as well. some not as well knows as others.

honestly, arent there some events that strike u as slightly odd?

take diving, for example. jumping off a bouncing board into a pool while spinning aorund. i dont know. maybe. but synchronized diving? come on! give me a break. whats the moral here? "its hard to do it, now look as us do it together." where do we draw the line? can we expect synchronized javelin? synchronized weight lifting? and dont even get me started on synchronized swimming.

other questionable sports:

* walking (really? walking?)

* shooting (sounds more like a crime than a sport.)

* sailling with big boat, little boat, boat with one sail, boat with two sails, with one person, with two ppl yada yada. where does that one end? make it sailing from point a to point b, any equipment and personel allowed. maybe even combine this with the shooting event. should be interesting.

* table tennis (need i say more)

* equestrian dressage (hello? the person isnt even doing the sport in this one. its a dancing horse!)

* track cycling (indoor cycling. soon to be followed by indoor golf and track sailing).

*baseball (just cause i think its a faggy sport to begin with).


SassyFemme said...

I'm hoping that little girl grows up to be a stunning beauty and tells them all where to shove it. :)

Fran and I are actually really enjoying the synchronized diving. It's become one of my favorites.

weese said...

i think they should do the sycronized diving with more people ;)

HB said...

Sukk, nå er det bare håndballen igjen...

eb said...

Ok, Baseball is NOT faggy. Badminton? Faggy. Baseball? NOT faggy.

This is funny because I had a long conversation recently with some folks about what is a sport and what isn't. I don't think anything that relies entirelyon a judge is a sport. Not to say it doesn't take an incredible amount of athleticism to get all twisty after jumping on a board, but a sport? No. How can something be a sport when the people judging are meting out scores based on nationality?

Once again, Baseball is not faggy. Not that there's anything wrong with that.