23 September 2008


we are all happy to be home together again. even more happy that i actually made it here. the ass wipe that greeted me at immigration at jfk airport decided that since i have been here twice on a visitors visa i must be living here and therefore breaking the law. i tried to explain to him, but all my efforts, the fact that it was 10 pm and i had a tired, crying baby with me didnt seem to make one bit of difference. off to the backroom we went. to be "investigated".


after one hour of waiting in a small, dirty room with other distressed ppl, someone finally picked up our file (i was keeping an eye on it). the guy who opened it rolled his eyes and exclaimed "what?!". i dont know what that meant, was it good or bad? he walked off with my passport and tiger fell asleep in my arms. when the guy came back he called me up to the counter. he told me he understood my situation and that he was just doing his job (where have we heard that before? sieg heil!). but...he was going to give me the benefit of the doubt. how big of him. he let me in this time but told me it would not fly again. no more "visiting". get a real visa or stay away.

i have never felt so insulted and belitteled. course u dont fuck with these guys and all i could do was swallow my anger, smile kindly and say "thank u, sir".

but we are here now. and we are happy now. and as *e* was singing in the backseat while on a raod trip in norway the other day: "if ur happy and u know it, touch urself".

and that is probably good advice.


weese said...


Tina-cious.com said...

Glad you made it -- sorry they got all nazi on ya.

SassyFemme said...

So there's a limit on the number of times one can visit on a visitor's visa? How screwed up... but we knew that already about the whole system. Sheesh. Glad you were able to finaly get here. How long are you able to stay for?

otter said...

glad you made it. I will secretly wish itchy-type things on the immigration guy for you.