01 October 2008

one day, in the great, big city



its getting hot in blog land. politics are getting out of hand. but its understandable. look at the world economy going into the shitter. most ppl are right in getting a little edgy. ppls houses, jobs, retirements, health and well being is at stake. ppl are calling eachother idiots. then the idiots are calling the other idiots idiots, for calling them an idiot, and so the fun goes on and on.

politics are not about whats right and wrong. discussing politics is completely useless. the thing we need to understand is that politics and political views spring from each persons perspective, wants and needs.

lets say there are two parties in this country (lets just say, shall we?). i will call them "snow suit party" and "swim trunk party". snow suit party wants everyone to wear a snowsuit all the time. and swim trunk party wants.....yes....everyone to wear swim trunks...all the time.

so if u live in, say, southern texas, the swim trunk party might sound most appealing and the snow suit party must be idiots. who wants to wear warm clothes in the god damned heat?!.

but in north dakota, u might get drawn towards the snow suit party. cause their views suit ur needs the best. afterall who in their right minds would want to wear swim trunks in sub zero temperatures, surely the swim trunk party is filled with dumbasses and idiots.

and....there might be ppl in north dakota that wants to vote for the swim trunk party and some might be inclined to call them idiots. after all, having to wear swim trunks while the snow is piling up outside ur door might seem a little dumb. but....maybe this person has a huge house with a pool and doesnt care to go outside much. or they love to feel the cold air numb their limbs cause it makes them feel alive.

or a person in arizona might want to wear a snow suit. they believe in the cleansing of the body through profuse sweating, or thinks that having their blood boil builds character.

so what party u are drawn to depends on what u want and miss in ur life. what political party caters more to ur individual needs.

this, as alot of other things in life, comes down to understanding that other ppl have different needs, views and desires then ourselves. that all ppl see the world from their own perspective. and really understanding that there is no right or wrong. there is no one size fits all.

there is no universal truth.


what the hell are those kids up to?


Jess said...

Nice post. Sometimes it's tough to see someone else's perspective, but calling names isn't the answer. Discussion, friendly debates, or just abstaining from discussing the topic that causes blood to boil works too!

weese said...

hmm, are the swim suits one piece or two?

eb said...

But...the trouble comes in when the Swim party wants to FORCE (not just wish and hope) swimming on the Snow party and vice versa.

If people just had a different opinion that didn't affect the happiness of another person, there wouldn't be a problem.

But, as you have found out, there are people who don't think your family matters. And, they will pass legislation to keep you and your family apart.

This is where the name calling comes in. Because, let's face it, people who oppress others are dumb ass mother fuckers and they always will be.

Sometimes you just have to call bullshit 'bullshit.' Because that's what it is. It's bullshit.

alter rigo said...

yes...some ppl dont think our family matters. and they are in fact ruining my family. they are forcing my children to be orphaned from one parent. they are forcing me into single parenhood and it sucks a big, hairy dick.


on a level i do understand that these ppl have their own understanding of the world, however fucked up it seems to me.

i cant force my view on them. i cant make them understand that im not dangerous to society and/or detrimental to moral and life as we know it.

all i can hope for is that they can learn to understand and respect my needs and those of my family.

and how can i expect them to do that if i cant expect the same understanding and respect for others from myself.

weese said...

i think there should be rules about who wears the swim suits.
i can be in charge of that.

SassyFemme said...

"No universal truth"... Isn't that the truth!