20 November 2008

come on, catch-up!

i just had to know what veggie i would be if i were to have an anurism and because of my sexual lesbianism thingee, i would be denied for an ambulance or something and end up comatosed in a hopital bed with no rights to visitation from my closest family because of the same-sex issue....

are u even allowed to pull the plug on


"Is ketchup a vegetable? If you want to get technical, ketchup probably doesn't belong in this quiz at all -- and that's why it reminds us of you. You have an "anything goes" attitude, like the way some people put ketchup on French fries, and some people put it on eggs. It's all good! You're not interested in being like everyone else or fitting in with the crowd. You just want life to be as tasty as possible.

1% of the people who took this quiz got the same evaluation."

go find out what veggie u are. or not.

1 comment:

SassyFemme said...

1% got the same result? Hmmm, you really are unique! :)

According to the quiz, I'm a pickle.