23 November 2008

what is the alternative

gay marriage is now legal here in the state of connecticut. according to some, this is very scary and will change the way we think about marriage and families all together. something really bad will happen when gays can marry, im just not quite sure what, as i never really seem to be able to grasp the core of this fear.

from what i have understood tho, it has something to do with teaching kids about different kinds of families in school. somehow the battle has become, if gays can marry, then all kids will have to learn about gayness in school. learning about gayness, of course, turns u gay. and it turns ur parents gay. and possibly ur neighbors if they live close enuff. and being gay sends u straight to hell, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

now...i hate to bring this up but...our family is what it is regardless of the parents being able to marry or not. spiritually, i mean. our kids still have two parents. one mom and one mamma. and the kids going to pre-school with our oldest, knows about gayness. not because it is in the curriculum, but because *e* talks about her two moms, the kids see us drop off and pick up, *e* has pictures of her family on the wall like every other kid in her class. i dont know what the parents think, i dont know what they say to their kids when they ask about *e*'s two moms. nor do i care.

i do question tho some of the labels that are flying around. some ppl seem obsessed with labeling.

we are a 'same-sex' family. yeah, i guess. i have always been the same sex. never once have i fluctuated over to the opposite sex, not even for a day.

we are a gay family. is that a really dumb or a really happy family?

then there is the lesbian family. i think our son will object to that one, as im pretty sure he is the least likely to be a lesbian out of all of us.

how about a non-traditional family? is that a family who doesnt celebrate xmas and thanksgiving?

and my personal favorite: alternative family. what the hell is that, anyway? does that mean im an alternative person? are my kids alternative children?

seriously, people!

we are just a family.

what are u so afraid of?

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