01 February 2009

breaking radio silence

i am back. in every sense of the word. after an xmas from hell, i got notice from the potential employer that i am absolutelly the right person for the job, but...their human resources office isnt interested in signing the paperwork for the visa. so ...

plan b. student visa. i am now a full time student again. im telling u; it is SO much harder to go back to school when u are not doing it for the right reasons. i have no desire to go back to school, but if its the only way to keep my family together, then thats what i have to do.


come on obama. get rid of that doma already.

on another note; we accuired another pathetic lifeform the other day, it the form of a TREE cat. no, not a FREE cat. a TREE cat. i bet u didnt know this, but unlike money, cats really do grow on trees in these heren parts. he is the friendliest cat i have ever known and he has already gotten acquainted with the rest of the zoo. and like *e* so cleverly pointed out; now we have two of everything: two cats, two dogs, two brothers, two sisters and two mommies.

how cool is that?


Anonymous said...

That is great that you get to come back to the US and that your family can be all together again, but it is very wrong that you have to go this route to get there. Hopefully changes will occur under the new president.


SassyFemme said...

Well, no matter how you got back in, I'm glad you're back in, and you all can be together.

So is this tree cat one that you guys found, or did you adopt the one that Weese found?