08 February 2009

give me a hand

my little tiger has trouble sleeping. from the time he was born he has never slept more than a few hours at a time. day or night. its is difficul for him to fall asleep also. we have tried everything, from crying it out to medication, nothing seems to make a difference. our only hope at this point (he is a year and a half now) is that he, at some point in life, will grow out of it. or at least move away for college, so we can get some sleep.

tonite i was camping out in his room, like always. i was singing a lullaby, he was lying down in his crib. the lights were dimmed and the house quiet. *e* was already asleep, kl at work. animals were snoozing and the tv was off. i finish the song. all is quiet. a second passes. two. maybe he fell asleep. then his head lifts from the pillow. i hold my breath in anticipation. what will follow? will he just turn over and lie back down? will he cry? throw himself over the crib railing to get out? i fear it will be a long nite.



tiny hands applauding my lullaby. then he puts his head down, closes his eyes and falls asleep.


eb said...

That is very sweet. Plus, you get to sleep. Which must make it even sweeter.

PixieFlute said...

Awwww, what a love! That is definitely one for the baby book!

otter said...

how cute is that? That made me smile on this boring monday!

weese said...

one night i remember sitting on the edge of Ferris' bed - we had just moved him to a mattress on the floor with bumpers on the sides (he started climbing out of his crib VERY early) so i was singing him to sleep and he sleepily reached up and put his hand over my mouth.
(guess i was a little offkey?)

Nony said...

pmg what a gorgeous story. Can I have him?