03 February 2009

inclement weather

so far my going-back-to-school experience has been pretty laid back. of four possible classes held so far, one was cut short by one and a half hours because the professor was going to a conference, and three has been cancelled due to inclement weather.

u gotta love it.

there is no "inclement weather" in norway. if it snows, u etter leave early enuff to get to where u need to be or someones gonna have ur ass. i remember as a kid walking to school in snow up past my knees. of course it was all uphill both ways and we had no shoes and we hadnt eaten anything but rotten potatoes for three weeks.

oh, the good old days.


SassyFemme said...

Chuckling at your Norway snow experiences!

I was shocked that we got out early today, the roads were fine. Of course I'm not arguing, I got to come home and do homework for my courses.

So you're doing 4 grad school class per semester? Wow, that's a heavy load.

Babs said...

I was just thinking the same thing, only I grew up here in CT. I remember walking to/from school and having the snow get inside my knee high boots. Of course, back then we couldn't wear pants to school, so there's fun. Did you have garters with thigh high wooly knit hose? Good times. LOL Kids these days have it so easy.

otter said...

I grew up in Wisconsin. Anything under a foot of snow was "flurries" and you had better plan ahead if you were a wuss about travelling in the snow. I remember seeing lots of people skiing to work when I lived there, and that was in the city. I actually miss the snow, NYC area doesn't get much.

Anonymous said...

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