14 September 2009

How lazy are u allowed to be?

This is a picture of my street. It's a dead end street. I am taking
the picture standing at the start of the street, and where u see the
pavement end, that's the end.

The kids schoolbus picks them up at the top of the street every
morning, and drops them off in the same place in the afternoon.

The people at the end of the street...

drive their kids to the bus!!

I kid u not.

It's about - oh - fifty yards.

Seriously. That's seriously messed up.


Tina-cious.com said...

Wait, do they then turn around and go right back home or do they go off to work?

Because if it's the latter, I totally get it. LOL

alter rigo said...

oh no! they turn around and go home!!

weese said...

I used to pass these two driveways on my way to work...right next to each other. each had a car parked at the end, with a kid in it waiting for the bus.
At the end of their driveway!!!
parents are ridiculous today.

eb said...

That's pretty damn lazy, although, if it was really cold I'd probably do it.

PixieFlute said...

I also don't get why there has to be another bus stop so damn close when there's not a busy street, and there's no way the kids are walking anywhere close to even half a mile to get to their stops. No wonder we have so many overweight kids when they don't even walk the tiniest distance.

kitty litter said...

actually they DON'T turn around. They BACK down the street

pumpkin15mm said...

Hey now, they are just trying to do their part to foster the obesity epidemic in America, come on!